Process step container (stepper) v2

This year has been another great year for the Qlik enthusiasts, with every new release of Qlik Sense, we saw a number of new exciting features added to the product. It is now a good time to look back at some of my old extensions and give them the attention they deserve. First up, the process step container which I originally developed for the data literacy project (which has now evolved into Kids in Data). This is also a story of collaboration in the Qlik community and helping others.

Qlik luminary collaboration

I have been really busy with Kids in Data in the recent months that I had very little time to focus on any other side projects. But in the mist of all these, a fellow Qlik Luminary, Sean Bruton, reached out to me about one of my extensions. He was working on a project and found a good use case for the Process step container. However, he needed some additional features to deliver on his requirements.

And before long, we had a nice catch up and the items he requested are already something I wanted to add to this, but never quite had the time. This gave me the perfect excuse to take some time away form my daily work and Kids in Data project and spend few hours fine tuning the extension to help out a fellow Qlikie.

And here comes the new version!

After few hours of work (at night of course!) I ended up with Process step container v2. This now includes the following features on top of all the existing ones –

  • “Previous” and “Next” buttons to allow the user to flow through the process one step at a time. There is an option to show/hide this.
  • Option to export the data for each master item. This can be enabled per step. Only export to excel option available for now.
Process step container v2
Process step container v2

You can find the new version on my Github. The usual installation instructions are all there if anyone needs it. For those who are following the Kids in Data project, you have probably noticed that the older version of this extension is included in the Qlik Sense dashboard we provide. The package will be updated soon to include the new version of the extension.

What’s next?

There are a few more enhancements I would like to make to this. Adding a drop down icon selection (from Leonardo UI) and allowing other export options are on the top of that list. Also re-sizeable grids per container window, allowing multiple master items per process would be the other enhancements I would like to see.

Power of the community

I would like to end this on a positive note. We talk about the power of the community, especially with the current situation and what is happening around us. I hope this adds a positive note to the Qlik community and displays the power of working together and helping others. Thanks to Sean Bruton for reaching out and I hope our collaborative approach helps others in the community. Meanwhile, if anyone is wanting a new feature added to this extension, you can always reach out to me by leaving a comment here or contact me directly.

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