Variable Editor for Qlik Sense

I am happy to announce that I have my new personal project on Qlik Branch after finally managed to make some time for it. The few hours I have spent on this resulted in a variable management solution (or the first part of it!).

UPDATE: New download “Data Load Script” option added

This idea started from a twitter conversation started by non other than Richard Pearce (see below).

This made me think of the variable management within Qlik Sense. I wanted to built something that anyone can deploy without installing any 3rd party software(s) or playing with certificate(s). So, I decided to use mashup with Qlik Sense Capability API to built something that anyone can import as an extension and utilise it. This is only the first iteration of this project. I will look to expand this to add full editing, moving variables between apps and even delete (delete all/selected) functionalities using the engine API in the near future.

What is it?

This is a Qlik Sense mashup which allows Qlik Sense users to view, search and bulk export variables (in csv format) from Qlik Sense environment (server or desktop) for any applications. This is the first iteration of this mashup using the capability API.


Qlik Sense variable UI currently does not have search functionality to search through all the variables. This is an issue when you have lot of variables in apps. It also, does not have any features to export the list of variables out of an app. This mashup provides easy access to those functionalities with minimum effort.

Where can I get it?

Head down to the project on Qlik Branch and follow the link to GitHub page. Please note – I have used a new account to keep the Qlik projects separated from my other .net projects. So, anyone who have my old account details, please do not go there for this. Please follow the instruction there ( Download the repository as zip file and install it in your environment.

What’s next?

Already porting this to use Engine API. Next version will tackle the updating of the variables, deletion of variables (including “delete all”), moving variables between apps and remove some of the current limitations. Code contributions are more than welcome…

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