Watermark in Qlik Sense

Watermark in Qlik Sense

Most QlikView developers are familiar with adding watermarks to charts/objects. In Qlik Sense, it’s not something you can do with the out of the box options. However, this is achievable relatively simply with the use of some CSS. There are couple of ways we can do this and in this blog post, I aim to take you through those methods.

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Qlik Sense User Selections Log

Qlik Sense user selection log

It’s been a while since I last posted here. Splitting my spare time in between Kids in Data, Data on the rocks and recent addition of Data literacy geek project, sadly left me with not much spare time to give this place much love that it needs. Today I aim to remedy this and share how to capture user selections in Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows using logs and report on it.

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Qlik Sense Mashup – Identity


Today, in this “Qlik Sense Mashup” blog series, I will be exploring another simple concept and add to the context covered in my previous post of this series.

In my first post of this series, I showed how easily we can embed Qlik Sense visualisations to any HTML page. This time we will expand on this idea and look at Identity feature of embedded analytics.

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Qlik Load Script Alerts to Microsoft Teams

Qlik Sense is a great platform, however, it has its shortfalls. One of them would be the lack of push notifications out of the box from QMC. Last year, I worked on a few solutions to send alerts via emails and via APIs/webhooks to bespoke applications when there is a job failure on Qlik Sense Enterprise. I utilised the QRS API as well as REST connector and webhook technologies to achieve these goals. That got me thinking, what else can be done using webhook? At Tahola, we use Microsoft Teams as part of our collaboration suite. I thought it would be a good idea to be able to send alerts to the Teams channel directly from Qlik data load scripts (via REST connector), whether be a load completion alert or just a simple KPI summary table from the data model. So, I spent few hours building a PoC Qlik application to that goal, and thought, I should share the concept with others as it might be useful in some scenarios.

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Qlik Sense Enterprise backup automation via PowerShell


Time flies by…

…Time flies by, this certainly is true in every sense. I cannot believe it has already been over 2 months since my last blog. There are so many exciting things that have been happening at Tahola, we have been involved in some really interesting Qlik Sense projects, which has resulted in me completely losing track of my blog.

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Sitting in the shadows no more…….Cloud deployments: My learning and the best practices

Sitting in the dark

I have been sitting in the shadows and reading up on all the good work the people from the Qlik community are producing. I have benefited from it more than I can count and have tried to add my small contributions to that many times. Unfortunately, finding the time has always been a bit of a challenge. Now, I have decided to make the time and write something meaningful, in the hope that someone will read my blog, find it useful and benefit from it.

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