Qlik Meetup Presentation

I feel honoured to be able to present at the last Qlik Meetup in London. What a great turnout once again! Great crowd with lots of very good topics discussed and questioned asked. Nice to see the developer community is flourishing this way.

Qlik Meetup – London March 2019

Big thank you and shout out goes to the organisers of the event – Jason Michaelides, Richard Pearce, Matt Crowther (and others who helped out), who commits their personal time to arrange event such as this so that rest of us can share ideas and collaborate on the common platform that we all love. Also, like to say massive thanks to the the team @Tahola LTD and mentor Ross White, who provides me with the platform where I can explore these crazy ideas I grow in my head (trust me, most of them are too crazy to share!).

Few of you asked for a copy of the presentation and putting it up here seems to be the best option, so that everyone can view it if they wish to! (Link below)

If you have any questions on the topics I covered during the presentation, please feel free to get in touch. You will find my contact details at the bottom (or @”Info” section).

Qlik Meetup London March 2019 – Workflow management with QRS API & Backup Automation with PowerShell

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